W09 Reflection Quality Score

I enjoyed this weeks assignments a lot. I had some experience in the past of designing web ads but enjoyed putting my own together. Although I have designed thousands of web ads, I never knew that there was such a thing called quality score for the web ads.

To be able to make sure you are putting quality ads together and promoting them the right way seems like such an important thing to focus on. Sure we can put together basic ads, but if the quality isn’t there, you are for one throwing money away, and 2 you will never be successful

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W07-Reflection Google Ads & Keywords

To be honest. I struggled this week. Its been a crazy week with work and new responsibilities so I wasn’t able to fully engage as much as I have in the past. But it was still a good week for class.

I enjoyed getting started with building the Google Ads. I enjoyed designing my ad and what some would look like. I wanted to start with just promoting the T-Shirts I have, but then realized, I have a shirt design that is very successful already with people going on Disneyland Vacations, so I might as well just promote that one specific shirt.


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Farmhouse Magazine Spread Critique

Farmhouse Magazine Spread

When starting this project, I did a search for a basic magazine spread and wasn’t sold on anything. So on the way home from work, I instead went to the store and browsed through the magazine section to find one that I thought would work. I came across Farmhouse Magazine and I feel like it hit a lot of the aspects of the principles we discussed this week.


When looking for the spreads I actually looked for the use of typography first. Since being a designer for who

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