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Original Ad

I grew up on the beach and spent many day sin the water on a surfboard or body board. I have always enjoyed the designs and look and feel of many of the creative ads put out in surfing magazines and print materials. So when I saw this assignment I knew exactly what I wanted to look for. This particular ad was designed by Rip Curl, found in Surfer Magazine.


Contrast is well achieved in this ad. Mostly how the dark black boxes and text on top of the lighter

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Nike Air Jordan


While searching I decided to start checking Nike ads. Mostly because I love Nikes and shoes, but I also feel like their brand and ads are so impactful and I love the style of the ads. Bold type, bold colors, focus on the product, simple but effective and speaks to the athletes.

This particular ad was created by designer Zach Hueser and I found it on his site.


Nike ads are pretty well known of having bold contrast. The use of the bright red background and white text gives it

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