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W06-Reflection, Legal stuff…

Im not going to lie. This isn’t the fun stuff of this class i’m guessing. Well at least for me.

I don’t think it is my favorite because I mostly don’t understand it. I have shared a lot of personal experience this week from when I was selling and taking orders on a site before a few years ago. I actually use to sell a lot more than what I mentioned. There was a time I was set up with a printer that offered everything. So I spent so many months building a site that had banners, flyers, business cards, postcards, signs,

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Farmhouse Magazine Spread Critique

Farmhouse Magazine Spread

When starting this project, I did a search for a basic magazine spread and wasn’t sold on anything. So on the way home from work, I instead went to the store and browsed through the magazine section to find one that I thought would work. I came across Farmhouse Magazine and I feel like it hit a lot of the aspects of the principles we discussed this week.


When looking for the spreads I actually looked for the use of typography first. Since being a designer for who

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W05: Reflection-Site Design

I did a lot of reflecting on this weeks lesson actually, and it was on a subject that I completely forgot that I utilized years ago.

I was actually pretty involved with using PayPal for many many years. As a “side hustle” I ended up getting set up with wholesale printing services and costs with a local full color printer in the Salt Lake Valley. This allowed me to get very low cost printing on certain items, so I decided “Im a designer, I should try to find extra money.” So I would design business cards for certain types of businesses and

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W04: Reflection-Site Builder & Hosting

Its been a good week to reflect on my past experience with hosting and site builders. As its been told, I have been a web designer for the past 15+ years, so I have a little bit of experience in this field.

About 10 years ago I started working for a company as a senior designer working with WordPress with building, developing, and hosting them. So I had my hands in many of the hosting sites that are being discussed. I had probably 120 sites hosting on about 10 different hosting companies. Some I hated working on, some were a very good

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W03 Reflection: Sourcing the Product

I have enjoyed this week and re-learning and getting re-familiar with a few things I have forgotten about. Since I worked for an online business company years ago, I have always been interested in getting into the online selling industry. Seeing some individuals with success and see their incomes grow after hard work is intriguing to me.

I always thought that the Affiliate marketing model for online selling is where it’s at to make the most. But after this week i’m starting to reconsider my thinking. I Although I still love the idea of just getting commissions based off of clicks on

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MKT 250—W02: Demand vs Wants

This week has been a bit eye opening to me, a lot of the things we discussed and read were things that I thought I knew. I worked in the SEO department of a company that helped individuals build and market their online businesses. It was the first job I held as a full-time designer. So it required a lot of learning how things worked, SEO, Online businesses, and marketing of your products. This was also about 10 years ago.

Things have changed and continue to change. Mostly because google has to keep everyone on their toes. But the thing that doesnt

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Nike Air Jordan


While searching I decided to start checking Nike ads. Mostly because I love Nikes and shoes, but I also feel like their brand and ads are so impactful and I love the style of the ads. Bold type, bold colors, focus on the product, simple but effective and speaks to the athletes.

This particular ad was created by designer Zach Hueser and I found it on his site.


Nike ads are pretty well known of having bold contrast. The use of the bright red background and white text gives it

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