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MKT 250-W13 Refelction

Life is crazy isnt it Sister Kunz? So thank you first for being so understanding and your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.

My son who was serving in Brazil for the past few months came home last Friday and its been a tough week with him being home having to be in isolation and still be a missionary. And of course working from home is challenge but more than anything im swamped with work. But im grateful for the field and industry im in because I know there are many in a different boat and I hope and pray for them

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W11- Reflection SEO

What a week huh? Trying to get my home office and work conditions set up, Earthquakes and only a few miles away from the center of it, my missionary maybe coming home, and SEO. Its a great time to be alive.

But serious, its always nice to be studying something you have knowledge about and understanding of. Although I havent kept up about all SEO these days, Its nice to reflect and re-learn things I have forgotten about. I love the assignment of writing 5 things to help your SEO. All things that I try to incorporate into my websites, but sometimes

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Ad Campaign Reverse Engineer Post

Original Ad

I grew up on the beach and spent many day sin the water on a surfboard or body board. I have always enjoyed the designs and look and feel of many of the creative ads put out in surfing magazines and print materials. So when I saw this assignment I knew exactly what I wanted to look for. This particular ad was designed by Rip Curl, found in Surfer Magazine.


Contrast is well achieved in this ad. Mostly how the dark black boxes and text on top of the lighter

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I enjoyed this week and boy was it eye-opening. I loved seeing my ads go live and see that they are actually getting views, impressions, and some clicks. Although they arent performing like I hoped, and im not making the profits I hoped for, they are being seen. And I guess thats the most important thing right now.

Its going to take some more studying and pondering of what services and what products I want to sell. I think theres a huge market for the T-Shirt business, but the problem is, its so saturated how do I make it stand out from

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W09 Reflection Quality Score

I enjoyed this weeks assignments a lot. I had some experience in the past of designing web ads but enjoyed putting my own together. Although I have designed thousands of web ads, I never knew that there was such a thing called quality score for the web ads.

To be able to make sure you are putting quality ads together and promoting them the right way seems like such an important thing to focus on. Sure we can put together basic ads, but if the quality isn’t there, you are for one throwing money away, and 2 you will never be successful

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W08 Reflection: Ads

I enjoyed the lighter week this week. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with many things in my personal life, work, and school and I realized that the Lord gives us small tender mercies when we are ready to break. So I am thankful, but I still tried hard to do decent work.

I have enjoyed tinkering around with the Google Ad Words and seeing the in’s and out’s of everything. It was nice to see and dig a bit more into actually thinking and working an ad out with keywords, phrases, and other things that might help bring up your

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W07-Reflection Google Ads & Keywords

To be honest. I struggled this week. Its been a crazy week with work and new responsibilities so I wasn’t able to fully engage as much as I have in the past. But it was still a good week for class.

I enjoyed getting started with building the Google Ads. I enjoyed designing my ad and what some would look like. I wanted to start with just promoting the T-Shirts I have, but then realized, I have a shirt design that is very successful already with people going on Disneyland Vacations, so I might as well just promote that one specific shirt.


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W06-Reflection, Legal stuff…

Im not going to lie. This isn’t the fun stuff of this class i’m guessing. Well at least for me.

I don’t think it is my favorite because I mostly don’t understand it. I have shared a lot of personal experience this week from when I was selling and taking orders on a site before a few years ago. I actually use to sell a lot more than what I mentioned. There was a time I was set up with a printer that offered everything. So I spent so many months building a site that had banners, flyers, business cards, postcards, signs,

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Farmhouse Magazine Spread Critique

Farmhouse Magazine Spread

When starting this project, I did a search for a basic magazine spread and wasn’t sold on anything. So on the way home from work, I instead went to the store and browsed through the magazine section to find one that I thought would work. I came across Farmhouse Magazine and I feel like it hit a lot of the aspects of the principles we discussed this week.


When looking for the spreads I actually looked for the use of typography first. Since being a designer for who

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W05: Reflection-Site Design

I did a lot of reflecting on this weeks lesson actually, and it was on a subject that I completely forgot that I utilized years ago.

I was actually pretty involved with using PayPal for many many years. As a “side hustle” I ended up getting set up with wholesale printing services and costs with a local full color printer in the Salt Lake Valley. This allowed me to get very low cost printing on certain items, so I decided “Im a designer, I should try to find extra money.” So I would design business cards for certain types of businesses and

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