Im not going to lie. This isn’t the fun stuff of this class i’m guessing. Well at least for me.

I don’t think it is my favorite because I mostly don’t understand it. I have shared a lot of personal experience this week from when I was selling and taking orders on a site before a few years ago. I actually use to sell a lot more than what I mentioned. There was a time I was set up with a printer that offered everything. So I spent so many months building a site that had banners, flyers, business cards, postcards, signs, etc. So many products and such little knowledge of how to sell online.

A lot of the things I did was trial and error and I think that me setting up the legal stuff fell into that same category. I did finally set up a business as an LLC just because thats all I was aware of, and thought everyone did it that way. I also was looking at the different businesses online for the city I set my business up in, and that was the only one that seemed familiar. But im glad I did. Like I mentioned before its good to have certain deductions at the end of the year to help with taxes for my full-time job and make it to where I dont have to pay as much. So I am looking forward again to setting up a business the right way and doing things the right way.

Also, to finally set up and build my website was a fun project for me. Of course I probably spent too much time on it, but I wanted it to look and feel right to me. I love the layout, I love the use of photos I have, and I feel like its simple enough but effective to hopefully convert in some sales. Hope you like it.