I did a lot of reflecting on this weeks lesson actually, and it was on a subject that I completely forgot that I utilized years ago.

I was actually pretty involved with using PayPal for many many years. As a “side hustle” I ended up getting set up with wholesale printing services and costs with a local full color printer in the Salt Lake Valley. This allowed me to get very low cost printing on certain items, so I decided “Im a designer, I should try to find extra money.” So I would design business cards for certain types of businesses and charge my full price and make a decent profit that was a residual income and I wouldnt have to touch the product or worry about shipping either.

I ended up getting set up with a few salons, furniture stores and other local businesses. The cool thing with this was, these places had high turnover so they were always needing new business cards, so I made it to where these employees could go online to my website and they could order business cards directly on my site using PayPal. They would choose which style of card they wanted, and fill out the few fields of text for their name and email address, and I would get the order and submit the business cards and they would deliver directly to the customer, but it would look like it came from me. So each week I could count on about $30-$50 a week from not doing much work. It wasnt a lot of money but it gave me lunch or put gas in the car so it was a win.

But I ended up enjoying PayPal and the use of the buttons they had to offer. I especially like the ability to send PayPal invoices and take care of all my bookkeeping through it. At the end of the year, I can print out a report for my taxes and it tells me exactly what my income was for the whole year. I look forward to using it again and integrating it into my websites.

(image is just a clipping of what it functioned like, the website is no longer online, so the styling has been cleared out)