I have enjoyed this week and re-learning and getting re-familiar with a few things I have forgotten about. Since I worked for an online business company years ago, I have always been interested in getting into the online selling industry. Seeing some individuals with success and see their incomes grow after hard work is intriguing to me.

I always thought that the Affiliate marketing model for online selling is where it’s at to make the most. But after this week i’m starting to reconsider my thinking. I Although I still love the idea of just getting commissions based off of clicks on a site of mine, I don’t think I have interest in doing just that constantly. Im reminded of a TED talk I saw years ago, about the “Side Hustle” and I think it fits in well with this industry.

A side hustle is another source of income you receive rather than your regular job. I have many of these right now. I sell t-shirts on a few sites, I offer hosting services that clients have to renew each year with me, I print business cards and I offer email marketing services. These all allow me to bring in money without much effort on my part, sure it doesn’t bring in a lot of money, but hey it buys a lunch on Friday when I don’t feel like eating left-overs.

It’s the same concept of selling online. There are so many ways to do it, why not just stick to one model or industry. Why not branch out and try things that are in demand but you aren’t familiar with, why not get all sort of commissions coming through when you least expect it. I think I will try all of the methods and enjoy getting a little bit more lunch and gas money each month.