This week has been a bit eye opening to me, a lot of the things we discussed and read were things that I thought I knew. I worked in the SEO department of a company that helped individuals build and market their online businesses. It was the first job I held as a full-time designer. So it required a lot of learning how things worked, SEO, Online businesses, and marketing of your products. This was also about 10 years ago.

Things have changed and continue to change. Mostly because google has to keep everyone on their toes. But the thing that doesnt change is the Demand and Wants. There were many people that tried to start up their businesses on items they wanted to sell which I believe completely in doing, but it still needs to be something you are or can be passionate about. I still remember one of the most successful clients we had in that business, and she created and sold homemade clocks that were made out of cow pies. (cow pooh)

She realized it was something that could be made easily from her with not much overhead, but also there was a strange interest in clocks made out of cow pies. She did her research and found a special niche that allowed her to be different and allowed her to actually sell things she was passionate about. Which I still dont know how people can be passionate about what she was selling.

One thing I learned though, is that if Im passionate about a product and want to sell it, it needs to be unique and different enough to stand out from the rest of the industry to where people either love the concept or the design of the concept.