While searching I decided to start checking Nike ads. Mostly because I love Nikes and shoes, but I also feel like their brand and ads are so impactful and I love the style of the ads. Bold type, bold colors, focus on the product, simple but effective and speaks to the athletes.

This particular ad was created by designer Zach Hueser and I found it on his site.


Nike ads are pretty well known of having bold contrast. The use of the bright red background and white text gives it such a great contrast through the ad, and it allows the reader to be able to read easily and lets it stand out.


With the ad being so simple usually, the one way these ads use repetition is with the colors throughout the ad. On this ad the shoe had bright red and white, so they use the red and white in the design of the ad.


In this particular ad the designer chose to use center alignment for the Headline, body copy, tagline, logo and website URL. I think its a good use of the space because it has the similar weight and shape of the shoe on the left side. The designer also aligned the top of the shoe with the headline, and the bottom of the shoe with the URL. This gives each side of the ad equal space.


The designer used excellent use of proximity in this ad. I hit on a bit in the above section of alignment, but giving equal space between the elements on the page to the top, bottom and sides of the page are equal and allows the elements to be “boxed” in nicely in a grid type system of the ad. The shoe is a nice space distance away from the headline and body copy, and the breaks between the headline and body copy and logo elements all have great proximity towards each other.


So many times in design, people try to complicate things, and one way of doing that is by incorporating way too many colors when its not necessary. With this particular ad, the designer kept things simple but also kept it unifies by using a red background that tied int he shoe, but also added a few gradient tints to the red. The shoe has black in it but just that small enough hint of black is enough to break things up. But then the use of white allows the copy to stand out and tie in with the shoe as well.


In conclusion, although this particular ad wasn’t designed by Nike, the designer was able to successfully recreate a Nike style ad with using the same elements that are found within Nike and the creative brand. If there was one thing I would change I would making span the tagline, logo and URL in a line on the baseline of the ad to give it a foundation base for the other elements. Overall I feel like its a strong creative design.